Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Friday, July 16, 2010

Boys and Girls Club 50 mile bike ride on Saturday

So tomorrow is a bike ride for the Boys and Girls club of Dane County - 50 miles is the route that I signed up for, there are 30 and 10 mile routes.  I am looking at this as a "training" ride for my MS 150 on August 7 & 8.  Tomorrow the temperature is suppose to be 91 with a heat index into the 100's - wowza !  Hot - Hot - Hot . . . at least I am biking and not running.  ;-)

I ran this morning - I had wanted to do 10 miles - but only made it 8.8 miles.  I took a path that I hadn't taken in a while and by the time I got back to my neighborhood and realized that I still had a little over a mile to make my 10 . . . I just didn't feel like doing an extra loop.  ;-(  I don't really feel too bad, especially with the bike ride tomorrow.  My average pace was 9:56 - I am OK with that.

I took my handheld with me today and thought I would be able to refill it at the beach / or boat launch area near the Lake - this would be somewhere near mile 6.  There weren't any bubblers (or water fountains) . . . .  I have noticed that in the last couple of years - parks that use to have water . . . no longer have bubblers  ;-(

At least there was a vending machine at the boat launch, and I had brought $$'s, so I was able to purchase some Sobe water . . . it was cold and tasted good.  Last weekend I ran by a convenience store and took that opportunity to stop to refill with water.

This last week I did 8 x 400 repeats and again was happy with them.  The times were a little sporadic - I am clearly not a consistently timed runner - oh well.

Wednesday's 8 X 400 repeat splits - pace.  Now if only I could take those paces and run 13 miles at that tempo.

9:10 1
11:34 2
7:57 3
11:17 4
8:38 5
10:52 6
8:21 7
10:33 8
8:47 9
10:21 10
8:56 11
12:24 12
8:26 13
10:48 14
8:42 15
10:33 16

VACATION Day today - I took today off of work, I need to get a new bag for my bike and do a little maintenance on it.  I only have one water holder on my bike and really need to carry two water bottles.  On my training rides, I usually duck tape the second one to by rack on the back and then use that to refill my regular water bottle - works OK - looks pretty lame.  ;-)  Who knows - maybe that is what I will do for tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a good running and biking weekend.



  1. Duck tape fixes everything :) Good luck this weekend!

  2. Good luck to you!! You will do absolutely awesome, Linda!

    Just look at ALL THOSE MILES! Just think how your injury was holding you back this spring -- NOT ANYMORE!!!! YOU GO GIRL!

    Looking forward to the report from your 50 miler !!