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Saturday, July 17, 2010

DONE: Boys and Girls Club 50 miler

The Boys and Girls club's bike ride was today.  There were three choices - 50, 30 or 10 miles.  Since I have the MS 150 in 3 weeks I selected the 50 mile bike ride.  I didn't sleep well last night - I went to bed early - but sometimes that can backfire - and I was awake from 12:30 until almost 3:00.  ;-(    I had also run 9 miles yesterday - figured I would get my long ride in before the bike ride . . . instead of trying to tough it out on Sunday.  When I woke up this morning I had second thoughts that running 9 miles the day before a 50 mile bike ride was probably not the wisest thing . . .

We started the ride at 8:30 this morning.   The ride started at Edgewood High School and then headed out of Madison to the south.  Temperatures were in the mid 70's . . . actually quite pleasant.  There were probably 150 people at the start line . . .  all ready to bike for 50 miles, the 30 and 10 mile groups started later in the morning.  To be honest I was quite nervous - could I keep up - what if I had bike problems - but I quickly got into the swing of things.  There were rest stops set up with fruit, Gatorade, water, etc.  We road by the first rest stop and then stopped at #2 - in Paoli.  Up to that point (other than the initial climb almost at the start) - the hills weren't too bad.  The rest stop was at mile 16.  Well then it got hilly . . . oh my gosh.  I ride on a "comfort" bike - not a road bike and it has made me quite nervous - because obviously I have a lot more tire on the road surface than the road bikes.  This is soooooooooo apparent going downhill.  I get smoked - I pretty much have to shift into high gear and pedal to keep up.  But I have to tell you - I climbed GREAT.  Yeah for me.  Training really does pay off.  After the first rest stop there were three of us that were biking together - I was steady Eddy on the climbs.  

As you can see below - the climbs.

As we were pulling into the third rest stop - we were turning left and heard a car honk. I immediately thought - "oh give us a break" . . . but then one of the other riders said that they were calling my name. It was my son Joe and his girl friend Chelsea. They had drove down to Oregon, figuring that I would be biking at an approximately 14 miles per hour. And sure enough there we were. That was such a wonderful surprise to have them come down to see me. We stopped at the rest stop, chatted a little and I had my brakes checked. The mechanic adjusted my brakes and straightened my handlebars. He said that my front brakes were slightly rubbing on the rims . . . no wonder it was tough. Pretty soon - it was time to hop back on the bike.  

From then on it was pretty much just two of us.  We had actually stayed at the rest stop chatting with Joe and Chelsea a little longer than most of the other people - so it was just a co-worker, Glen and me from then on out.   It actually worked out fine.  We road and chatted and road and chatted.  He kept on teasing me that he bet I would have a road bike within the next week.  ???????  

I checked the winds on the web when I got home - even though there were not strong winds - I have to tell you when we turned north, back towards Madison - the wind was in our face.  It was probably more the fact that there were still hills to climb and it was HOT and the breeze was head on.  By this time the temperature had climbed to 85.  

There was one more rest stop about 12 miles from the finish.  It was a short stop - just enough to grab some fresh water and Gatorade and another porta-potty stop.  I was very focused on staying hydrated.  I checked my weight before I left this morning and when I got home and only lost 1 pound . . . so I know I was drinking enough.  

It felt great to bike into the finish area.  Yahoo - we were done!  Had some fresh cold water and a burger.  There was beer - but I just couldn't stomach it at that time.  We sat for a while and talked and then we had our team picture taken.  

I was glad to get home and shower.  Ahhhhhhhhhh.  Nothing feels better than a tepid shower to wash all the sweat and grim off.  

Thank you all for your support.  I really appreciate the kind words.  (Between you and me - I am actually quite proud of myself).  A few people said that this 50 is actually a lot tougher than the MS 150 because of the hills.  We will see.  

Husband and I went for a walk this afternoon and I am now enjoying that beer - Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy.  Love it.  

Tomorrow ?????  I might do a short run - depending on what my legs feel like.  :-)



  1. It sounds like you had a great time out on the road today, Linda! I was thinking of you. A road bike your future?!?!?
    So nice that your sweet boy and his friend were there to cheer you on -- good boy you have there!!!
    I know what you mean about a post-race shower -- ahhhhh -- awesome!!
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and get some time to RELAX!!!

  2. ohh i want a road bike now for some reason. I still hate riding but seem to think it woudl make it better :)

    Sounds like a great day!!

  3. Great job!! Those hills look fierce...you did awesome! 50 miles sounds like such a long way :)
    Love that your son came by for support...how sweet!

    I'm proud of you too :)

  4. Way to go on the ride- especially keeping up on the hills. I'm assuming you do your rides on county roads around Madison... does the traffic ever make you nervous or is it okay in a group like that?

  5. Oh! And I love the new background color. Very summery.

  6. Looks like a great bike ride!! I bet that beer tasted good.