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Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Thursday, July 22, 2010

IT is POURING in Madison WI

I am planning on running 10 miles tomorrow morning.  I have been attempting to run 10 miles for the last 2 weekends . . . but just couldn't seem to pull it off . . . I did 8 miles and 9 miles . . .  tomorrow is the day . . . I can feel it.  I swear I will run the 10 miles or ????????  The only problem with my plan is that we have had rain (down pours) for the last several hours.  People are reporting 4 inches of rain in less than an hour.  It is suppose to stay muggy over night - so that means that it will not be a cool run tomorrow morning.  But I am committed to running the 10 miles - I HAVE to do it.  I WILL do it.

All this rain reminds me of the following picture.  In 2000 we had a ton of rain.  One evening the kids and neighbors blew up tubes and floated on the water (river) between the yards.

We had a training bike ride last night - 20 miles over a new route.  We road from Madison to DeForest and back - lots of country - barns and cows.  We were passed by a combine and tractor and lots of trucks.  Instead of warning the other riders of "car back" - the chances were that it was a "truck back"   ;-)

This weekend I am participating in two training rides.  On Saturday, a local MS 150 team is holding a fun ride in Pardeeville, a small community just north of Madison.  There are 4 different distances - a co-worker and I are going to bike either the 40 or 60 mile ride.  Then on Sunday about 10 of us from our MS 150 team (The Power Peddlers)  are going to bike on the Military Ridge trail - biking from just outside of Madison to Dodgeville - 40 miles.  FYI - Dodgeville is my home town.  Military Ridge is a trail made from crushed stone - built over an old railroad bed - so the grade is a gentle 2-5%.  But that also means that there are no downhills - you are pretty much peddling the whole way.  It should be fun.

I will report on my 10 miler tomorrow morning.  Up early - run - go to work for a little while (I am suppose to be on vacation - but have a few things to finish up).

Peace and stay dry out there.

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  1. Hope the 10-miler went well this morning! Sounds like lots of fun biking activities...I love the name of your group :)