Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Run and Bike

I had a 10 mile run planned for this weekend.  When I woke up I checked the weather and went Oh My.  While the temp was 73 - the humidity was something like 95% with a dew point of 70.  Arggggggggg

I shouldn't have checked the weather- I was pretty much defeated before I started.  I ran 8 instead of the planned 10.  Although I am happy with the 8 - it just means I will be doing 10 again next weekend.

I just could not convince myself to run the last 2 miles.  Came home and stretched and then watched some of the Tour.  Wow they can bike. 

I then convinced my son to bike with me.  I took advantage of having a good pacer with me and we did a 35 miler.  It was hot and humid and I swear the wind was ALWAYS in our face.  That always seems to happen - I am always heading into the wind.  ?????

I am using my hybrid bike.  Maybe I am crazy.  I am going to go try out a road bike tomorrow????  I have been trying to figure out if a road bike will make that much difference.  We will see what I think.  Any opinions from other bikers?  Am I crazy to try and ride a hybrid that is pretty heavy for 150 miles - especially when I am the oldest person on the team????

Tomorrow I am biking with a friend.  We will either do 15 or add another 12 to make 27.  She hasn't biked this year - so I am thinking that the 15 will be plenty for her.  But we will have to see. 

I will let you know how my ride went and how I liked the road bike.

PEACE - stay cool out there and make sure to drink lots of water. 


  1. I don't bike, but somehow, I have a feeling you'll speed up some on a road bike...looking forward to hearing what you think.

    Good job getting out there at all, 8 is awesome.

    I think it's so cool that you're training to ride 150 miles!!

  2. I switched from hybrid to road bike last summer. Once I got use to the shifting differences, and adjusted to the fact that I could ride on the big chain ring much more, I saw a significant difference. Especially on hills!

    Did you find anything that you liked?

  3. I didn't get a chance to try out bikes - I did go on a 25 mile bike ride - after the 35 on Saturday ;-)

    I have a training ride tomorrow after work - so will have my bike "stuff" at work and there is a bike shop 1 block away. So my plan it to either go early and try one out or go over at lunch. I will see.

  4. DEFINITELY get eat pray love! i got the audiobook and listened to it during my long runs one year, it was great

  5. Just donated to your cause. Wish I could give more. Times are tough right now, until hubby gets his first paycheck. Good luck with your adventure -- you'll do amazing. Enjoy the journey!