Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Friday, July 8, 2011

June is done and it is already July 8th - oh my!

I have had a great couple of weeks - but just no energy or time to post.  I must do better - I will do better - it tends to keep me motivated and I really enjoy tracking my thoughts and experiences.

Motto for the summer - short and sweet!

The last two weeks have been busy - here is a recap by the numbers:

5 - times I road my bike to work
75 - total miles biked to work

3 - training rides
72 - miles on training rides

6 - times I ran in the last 2 weeks
35 - miles run

1 - races run - Run to the Rhythm 5k

1 - 1st place in my age category - it wasn't fast - but it was fast enough!

1 - Favorite tree on the lake 

1 - Favorite dog - Sophie on the boat

            2 - times I jet skied

1 - times I water skied - this is a photo of my son - of course no one takes a picture of me, unless I request it!

200,000 - friends that watched Rhythm and Booms

818 - miles biked this year
520 - miles run this year
7 - days that I am going to take a break from running due to a pulled hamstring - I have been running in "pain" for about a month - I am going to take a week off and hope that it gets better!

1 - number of branches that broke off of our tree - the tree trimmer has been called and will be trimming the other branches on Tuesday!

Peace - have a great day!
Enjoy every moment!


  1. Hope your hamstring is better soon.
    Scary about the branch. Good it missed the house.
    Nobody takes pictures of me either supposedly because I am the photographer in the family.

    CONGRATS on winning your age group!

  2. WOW! You certainly have been busy. Hope your hamstring feels better soon so it can join the rest of you at the party.

  3. Sorry to read about the hamstring...but, you've had a great month of June!! Congrats on your AG award...that is so cool :)