Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Sunday, July 24, 2011

MS 150 Bike Ride Packet Pickup WINNER!

Two weeks ago was our packet pickup for the MS 150 bike ride.  It is hosted at a local Car Dealership - Jon Lancaster - HERE.  The dealership supports the ride and uses the packet pickup as a fundraiser, with silent auction goodies, a raffled bike giveaway and free bike tune ups.  Some of us met up at the dealership after work to pick up our packets and then headed out for a 20 mile bike ride . . .  which was of course followed by a stop at a local bar for beer and a few munchies . . . a must after a training bike ride!

I am a sucker for any silent auction - it raises money for a cause and maybe I get lucky and win.  I added my name to three silent auction packets - a really nice messenger bag and Road ID, a Planet Bike light kit and Road ID, and 2 oil changes, Muscle butter and a Road ID.  Well I won two of the packets . . .  Yahoo!  I won the Planet Bike light kit and Road ID and the 2 oil changes, Chomper Body muscle butter, and a Road ID.

I have been wanting a Road ID and just haven't gotten around to ordering one - now I have 2 $15 gift cards and will be picking out my Road ID today and getting it ordered.

I also won the Planet Bike Blaze Superflash headlight and tail light kit - HERE.  I have a flashing red light that I carry on my commuter bike but don't ride with a front light.  Last Friday I biked to work and it was raining and quite dark - I realized that I should have had a front light . . .  well now I have one.  I plan on using it all the time on my commuter bike so cars will be able to see me better - anything to make drivers aware of your presence on the road is a good thing.  These lights will definitely keep me visible when biking to and from work.

The oil changes will be very useful - the dealership is the Toyota dealer that I bought my Rav4 from and I usually take it there for work.  Score - since I just had an oil change in June - these two should put me into next year before i need to pay for an oil change!

Chomper Body muscle butter - HERE, says that it is recovery lotion - and encourages blood flow to sore and tired muscles and helps rid the body of lactic acid build up.  All I know is that is it really smooth feeling and smells wonderful.   It has hints of peppermint, rosemary and basil and feels great when you rub it into your sore muscles.

Some of the other free goodies included NOW Energy bars, HERE, which stands for No Opportunity Wasted, a energy bar developed by Phil Keogan, host of the Amazing Race.  Who knew he developed an energy bar.  Actually the website was quite interesting and informative, not only about the bar, but about Phil.  In 2009, he turned 40 and decided to bike across America - WOW!  Pretty interesting story.  And the bars are really yummy.  I am not a huge energy bar person.  I think you have to be careful with them, because they usually pack a lot of calories into a small package and if you aren't careful - you can eat lots of calories, without thinking you ate very much.  But as a snack on the bike - they are great.  I usually try to take a bar with me when I bike 30+ miles.  Under 30 and no snacking!  But over 30 and I need some energy mid-way through the ride.  These bars are yummy - peanut and caramel flavored, they are made with gluten free rolled oats and Manuka Honey, which is only found in New Zealand.   If you haven't tried them, I would certainly suggest that you pick them up.

As you can see from the picture - the goodies also included Quench gum, HERE - if you haven't tried it - there is no way of describing just how much saliva it creates when you chew.  Just typing about it and thinking about it is making my mouth water.

On the Running front:  I have been taking it easy - as I previously posted my hamstring, or what I thought was my hamstring has been bothering me for almost a month, to the point that is was painful to run.  Well after some research, I actually think that it is really my Piriformis muscle that is causing me the problems.  This last week I have been stretching it like crazy and feel pretty good.  Yesterday morning I ran about 1/2 mile and today I ran 3 1/2 miles and felt great.  I will continue to work back up to longer runs and will diligently stretch stretch stretch after all bike rides and runs.  Scouts honor!

Peace and have a great weekend.


  1. I love winning stuff :)

    Glad the pain is getting under control...I had some piriformis tightness a while back and stretching was prescribed, but so were core (ab) exercises. Feel better!

  2. I love silent auctions! You won some nice loot- yeah! Glad the pain is getting better and that the biking is going well.