Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Last week of biking and ONE Run

My ONE Run last week:
Since my hamstring was acting up I committed to taking a week long break from running.  Hamstring certainly stopped screaming at me.  On Thursday I had signed up for a local 5k, so with 8 days of rest I decided I would still run it - but make sure that I didn't push it too much.  The race is called the Full Moon 5k and it starts at 9:00pm on the evening of the Full Moon.  It was well run  - a fun little local race - organized by my shoe store, Movin Shoes and there was a raffle at the end . . .  but I didn't win anything  ;-(
I didn't run with my Garmin, because it was dead - and I was actually glad that I didn't have it with me because then I wouldn't "know" my speed and I could simply run based on how I felt.  There were volunteers at mile 1 & 2 yelling out the time.  Mile 1 was 9:05 and mile 2 was 18:20 . . . so I kept a pretty good pace for mile 1 & 2, but then I did slow down - I knew it and I was OK with it.  The final run into the park, was a pretty steep hill and my hamstring was making its presence known, so I took it EASY.  Final time was29:34 . . .  5th out of 18 in my age bracket - I am OK with it and really glad that I ran.  I will be doing this run again next year.  

I will probably try and run a little tomorrow morning and see how the hamstring feels.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.  

As always, I bike at least two days a week to work.  Thursday, was my second day of the week to bike and just like every other day, the first thing I always do is pump my tires.  When I took the pump off of the stem - the air just leaked out.  sppppppppppppppppp!  I thought about changing the tube, but decided I would simply ride my husbands bike.  So I pumped up his tires and biked to work.  At the end of the day I loaded my stuff up, hopped on the bike and just as I was exiting our parking garage . . . I head that familiar sound sppppppppppppppppp - yup 2 flat tires in 1 day.  Called husband, who was driving home and he stopped an picked me up.  Who gets 2 flat tires on 2 different bikes on the same day!  

Today, was the 50 mile Boys and Girls Club ride.  I used my road bike and glad to say I had NO FLAT tires!  I road with a co-worker.  There were 3 "pretty" good size hills - I kept pedaling, but it was slow.  We finished in 3:10 - for an average speed of 15.8.  Felt strong (other than the hills - and actually I didn't feel that bad on them).  It is a great fundraiser for the local chapter of the Boys and Girls club.  

This afternoon, Todd (husband) and I went to a local bike shop and picked up 2 new tires for his bike, they were pretty worn and replacement tubes for his and my bike and then we changed tires and replaced tubes.  I am embarrassed to say, that was the first tube I changed by myself.  Next week when I bike to work I will determine if I know what I am doing.  

Have a great weekend and stay cool.  We have an Excessive Heat Warning - Sunday - Thursday.  I just looked at the national map and it looks like we are pretty much ALL in this Heat Wave Together.  

Hydrate - Hydrate - Hydrate


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  1. Congrats on the 5K you did great...and I hope the hamstring stays quiet!

    Good job on changing your tire by yourself...I've yet to do that :)