Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Saturday, August 9, 2014

A day off . . .

. . . of work. (I must not have pressed publish last night! Opps)

Oh how I love a Friday off from work, especially with no plans. No reason to set the alarm. Wake up when I want. Isn't that wonderful.

Nothing much on the agenda for today. Enjoyed my coffee outside, deadheaded some day lilies (there are only a few flowers left), watered and fertilized the flower beds, picked up some checks to be deposited for my church, grocery shopped and did laundry.

I road my bike to the bank, which was my 8th consecutive day of biking. Yea!

Didn't take my bike to the grocery store! As I was checking out at the store, the clerk asked a strange question? She wanted to know if I wanted my beverage left out? I wondered what she was referring too since I had bought milk, wine and tequila? It was my 32oz container of Kefir. 'Thanks but no!' I like Kefir, but havnver been tempted to crack it open for a swig!

It appears to have been a good exercising week based on my gear that gets hung to dry.

7 tech shirts, 6 bottoms - that is a good week of work - biking and running gear!

Does anyone else living in a raised ranch use the railing to dry their clothes? If not, you should try it because it works great. My husband always comments, but the clothes are only there for the time it takes to dry. It's not like I leave them there for long!

Enjoy the moments!


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