Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Moving . . .

. . . boulders!

On my bike commute to work, I bike on a variety of surfaces. I start out on
residential streets in my neighborhood, then bike on a road with a
designated bike lane, then hook up with the bike path, either biking
through Tenney Park or taking a short connecter path and then back onto a
street that is designated as a Bike Boulevard which is a local street with
low speed, low (motor vehicle) traffic volume and used primarily by
bicyclists. Motor vehicles are welcome on bicycle boulevards, but bikes can
use the entire lane.
I have a couple of different routes to get to work, but they all end up
using a portion of the bike path to hook up with the Bike Boulevard. This
involves biking through a large parking lot that is NOT heavily used. To
get into the paved area, there is a slight turn off of the bike path and
blocking this are large boulders. These large boulders keep cars that might
attempt to pull out of the parking lot onto the bike path. If they did do
this, there wouldn't really be anywhere for them to go, they wouldn't fit
through the tunnels that are on either side of the path at this point, but
I am sure that if the boulders were not there someone would attempt to
drive the bike path. What would really happen to them is that they would
likely drive right into the Yahara River which runs along the bike path!
Anyway I swear someone keeps on moving the boulders. One day it is easy to weave through them and the next . . . not so much. Since I have to weave
through them, especially because I am usually coming from an awkward angle, I notice that they are not in the same location. I biked to work with my
neighbor and mentioned this to her and she said that she had seen someone
with a bike trailer behind their bike stop and sound quite confused, since
he had easily made it through the opening the day before and yet this
particular morning the opening was not large enough? So my mission for the
next couple of weeks is to take pictures so that I know I am not going
This morning I did a combination of running and walking my neighborhood 2
mile loop with Sophie. Since my legs were still tired from last weekends
bike ride I just didn't feel like running. My legs would probably appreciate
taking a day off from commuting to work via bike, but I didn't want to lose
the momentum that I had created by biking Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Just around the corner from my house was none other than one of the foxes.
My guess is this was one of the younger ones, he/she was pretty skinny.
Sophie and I were running and he jumped out of the tall grass scaring
Sophie who lunged at him. We all stopped and looked at each other . . .
then he moved on. No camera or phone with me.

Mid afternoon I took a break and walked to my nearby coffee shop, Ground
Zero for an iced coffee and peanut butter cookie.

Life is good. Enjoy the moments!


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