Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Early Christmas Present

I am soooo excited!  
We were out picking up a few things today and my husband Todd mentioned that he was thinking about getting me a road bike for Christmas.  Well I certainly thought that was a great idea!  We went to three shops and we purchased this beauty.  She is silver and white and BEAUTIFUL.  I just know I am going to ride like the WIND. This bike is going to be FAST.  I get to pick it up next week, although I am not in a real hurry - current conditions are not exactly road bike friendly in Wisconsin.  I also got two water bottle holders, pedals, new tube and a computer.   I have a bag that I think will work and can pick up a new bag if mine doesn't fit.  

2011 Trek Lexa SLX Womens Road Bike
2011 trek lexa womens road bikes 1   2011 Trek Lexa Womens Road Bikes

Here I am at the Boy's and Girl's Club 50 mile ride this summer.  This is my comfort bike that I road 875 miles on from May - October this year.  I love it, it is extremely comfy and is currently hooked up to the Kinetic bike trainer that I got for my birthday.  I will still use this when biking to work, especially since I carry a saddle bag on the rack for my work clothes.  

So far it is great to be 55!  A bike trainer for my birthday and now a new bike for Christmas!  

Hard not to notice how straight I sit on this bike, which adds to a lot of wind resistance.  And the tires are mid size, not sleek and fast like my new tires.  This is EXTRA motivation to hit the bike trainer and get ready for spring, summer and fall biking in 2011.  

This morning I did 1 hour on the bike trainer.  I had planned to run this afternoon, but since we were bike shopping, by the time we got back from shopping the  2010 Ironman World Championships was on and I sat down and watched it.  I just find that so motivational - listening to those stories and wondering just how they do that.  

Tonight I made Triple Layer Mint S'more brownies from Eat, Live, Run - HERE.  Just took them out of the oven and they smell wonderful.  I can't wait to try one.   They took quite a while to cut - I had to clean the knife off after each cut - but they look nice and taste ohhhhh so good!  I am planning on taking them to work on Monday - so we can only have a few of them tomorrow.  I also made a batch of sugar cut out cookies that are in the frig overnight.  Tomorrow I will bake them and decorate them.  I love Christmas time. 


  1. I just wonder how many miles I would need to run after eating ALL those s'mores. They look sinful.
    Love your new bike. Hope you will get to take it for a spin soon.

  2. Wow! Great looking bike :) You are going to rack in the miles with that. Are you thinking of doing duathlons/triathlons?

    Those brownies look absolutely delicious...mmmmm

  3. I would love to do some duathlons - especially since I am not a strong swimmer. Not that I am a strong biker or runner - but I would really have to work on my swimming and I just don't think I want to devote that amount of time. ;-)

  4. Sweet ride! Merry early Christmas.

  5. Seriously that bike is a beauty. I am jealous. I really need a new bike. And swimsuit. They are both falling apart. Have fun with that. You are ready to go!!

    Crap I missed the Ironman championshps. I wonder if it'll replay.

  6. What an awesome bike! You will be able to boost that mileage even more with that thing!

  7. What a beautiful bike! Merry Christmas.

  8. Congrats on your new bike- it is beautiful!! You are going to love it and I'm so happy for you. Those brownie things look fantastic!! Glad you are having a wonderful holiday season and I can't wait to follow your adventures in 2011!

  9. Great bike!! It sounds like you will be set for winter "biking" with a bike and a trainer as gifts. The Pack did better than I could have hoped for last night! I still have faith they can win the next two and make the playoffs.