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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Love my Yaktrax

I took today off of work.  Didn't really have any plans - I just needed a day off - by myself.  I slept until 7:30 - which felt great.  I then sat around in my pj's - drank coffee - read the newspaper - checked blogs - paid bills - ate oatmeal with lots and lots of blueberries - cleaned the wood floors - vacuumed the carpet and wasted time doing nothing.  ;-)  It was a good morning.

Knowing that the negative temperatures  (it was -9 when I woke up)  were suppose to disappear by lunch - I decided I was going to run somewhere around 1 PM.  The sun was shinning and there was only a slight breeze.  I tried out my Yaktrax for the first time.  Last year I won the Yaktrax from Jen at Setting You Free, HERE.  When I got them last

winter - although we still had snow on the ground, our roads were clear - so I never had an opportunity to use them.  Well - we received around 6 inches of snow on Sunday and then the temperatures plummeted - with nightly temps well into the negative temperatures and day time temp's only in the single digits.  Frigid conditions.  When it is that cold - all the snow and ice that is on the roads - will not melt.  Even with salt applied - salt needs temp's in the 20's to work - colder than 20 and the ice simply sits on top of the snow and ice.  These are two pictures from Sunday.

This is from today - as you can see - my street is still very snow covered.  But the Yaktrax worked GREAT.  I would recommend these to anyone who runs in winter snow and ice conditions.  Although I realized I had them on - they didn't bother me.  I felt very confident on the snow and ice.  I didn't slip at all.  

Look at that BLUE sky - I took this run slow - I wanted to ENJOY and soak up the sun.  Although the sun has been out the last couple of days - the daytime temp's were really cold and I didn't go out at lunch.  

 Snow and slush and ice on the roads
Almost done - I sat my camera on a mail box - LOOK at that BLUE sky - LOVE it!

I had taken Sophie out for 1.5 miles and then dropped her back at the house - switched gloves, I didn't need the warm gloves - after 1.5 miles I was warm enough to get by with my light gloves.  Ran most of the time with out them.  Finished 5 miles at a 10:32 pace.  Loved being in the Sun.  It felt soooooo good.

The temperature was 14 when I went out for the run.  I wore my North Face Windbreaker pants, Lucy tech top and Lucy jacket, hat and gloves and was quite comfy.  The only thing cold was my tummy - wonder if anyone makes tummy warmers?  

How do you ENJOY a day off of work?  


  1. Yay... so awesome that you got to use them! The snow might hit us tomorrow, so maybe I will be able to use mine too!

  2. As big of a pain as winter is, it really is pretty. After so many cold days, it felt awesome to walk out of work yesterday and have the temperature be up in the teens.

  3. We don't get snow here but are planning a trip to Bryce Canyon NP. Their website recommended yaktrax for some trails over snowshoes. I might just get them for our winter outings.

  4. the only part of me that ever gets really cold is my belly. I always come home and it's solid red! I want to get one of those post-pregnancy stretchy band things. That's all I can think of besides tying a scarf around my middle. :) maybe we should start a "belly warmer" business.