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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jingle Bell 10k results

It was a great morning to run.  We were suppose to be getting rain, sleet and snow by Saturday morning . . . but it appears like the weather got delayed in Minnesota - yea for us - sorry Minnesota!  The temp was in the mid 30's.  I had to pick up my race packet on Saturday morning - the only packet pick up was on Thursday and since I was out of the office I couldn't pick up my bells and t-shirt.  The 10k started at 10:30 at the zoo - I arrived around 9:45 - headed over to the shelter, picked up my packet, headed back to the car, pinned my bib on my jacket and put my antlers on and headed back to the shelter.  Stood in the porta pottie line with 5 minutes to go, do I stay or do I get in line - I decided to stay and yea - I made it with at least 1 minute to spare!

No garmin today - it was drained this morning, when I realized it was dead - I started to charge it, but there wasn't enough time.  Oh well!

The race started with a jingle, jingle, as all the 10kers started.  Up and out of the zoo, weaving in and around the Edgewood neighborhood, along city streets . . . which were slushy and slippery until we headed into the UW Arboretum.  So, even though I thought I was running pretty fast, I am sure that the slush slowed me down - plus we were on the sidewalk for a while and there was no way to pass the people around you.  By this time, I had shed my hat and gloves and was working on taking my jacket off.  I had on the same thing as I wore for the Berbee Derby (below), except pants instead of capri's.

Looking back I should have worn the capri's - I would have been more comfy.  Oh well!   I know look up as you cross the finish line - not at your watch.  It would have been a good picture - ;-(

Anyway - as we headed into the Arb we hit mile marker 3.  Don't know my time - cause there were no clocks - I felt good and was trying to run a steady pace.  I did have to walk a little to get my bib pinned on my shirt and take my jacket off - but that was it.  I then sped back up to "catch" up with the people that were around me when I stopped to walk.  So I think I did OK.  The conditions in the Arb were great - I had been a little worried that the road would be slippery - but it was pretty clear and very easy to avoid the slush.  Finally at mile marker 4 they were offering water.  I usually carry water, but decided not to today, wish I would have.  I like the idea of being able to drink when I want to, instead of waiting for the water stop. 

As we headed out of the Arb we had passed mile 5 - so the end was near.  Yea!  

Rounded the corner and re-entered the zoo - almost done.  Finished at 58:31 - slower than the Berbee Derby - but 9:25 pace - I am fine with it.  

Lessons learned:  
1. Charge battery on Garmin - it would have been nice to know my pace.  
2. Bring my own water - even in winter - you need water and only getting one little cup of water at mile 4 just wasn't enough.  
3. No matter what - Enjoy yourself


  1. I always reflect on my races and think about what I could of done better:) Nice job on the 10K race!

  2. Great job. Glad the run was fun. Seems like our weather from yesterday morning showed up 12 hours late.

  3. Awesome job! That's a great time and sounds like a fun race! Way to go! :0)

  4. Your ran without a Garmin??? Talk about hardcore. :)

  5. Great job! I loved running at the arboretum when we were there for IM Moo and would love to go back. It was beautiful! Glad you had a good race.

  6. wohoo on having fun!! i've been wondering if should stop wearing a garmin to races..but it freaks me out :)

  7. Great job on the race! Keep up the great work, you're almost at 1000 miles for the year!

  8. congratulations, linda! i was hoping to do that this year. Maybe in 2011. what's next on your race calendar?