Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Events

So this is a big month for me.  All of my summer training will be tested this month.  I had run the Inaugural Madison Mini Marathon last year and really liked the course and event - so I was committed to running that again on August 21.  Then I got the idea to join the team from work and train to bike in the MS 150 bike ride.  Two days of biking 75 miles each day, August 7 &  8 - two weeks before the 1/2 marathon.  The MS 150 is a fundraisier for the local MS Chapter.

Well this weekend is the MS 150 bike ride.  The weekend starts on Friday afternoon - when we take our bikes to the drop off site to get them loaded on to a semi to be transported to the start of the ride.  The team that I am on is called the MGE Power Peddlers and there are 28 members.  Because we are a top tier team, committing to raise at least $20,000 - we will have a 20 X 20 tent waiting for us in Whitewater,  the MS staff will be grilling food for all top tier teams and we will be eating in the tent instead of the cafeteria.  (I am not sure that is the best idea - burgers, brats, etc. vs.  spaghetti, salads, etc. in the cafeteria.)  As of this evening we have raised $16,900 - so we are almost at our goal.

On Saturday morning we need to be at the bus pick up site by 5:00 - which will mean getting up by 4:00.  We will then be bused from Madison to Pewaukee, which is the start of the ride.  Our bikes will be waiting for us there.  We are all allowed to bring two bags for the over night stay, a box fan counts as one of the pieces of luggage.  We will be biking from Pewaukee to Whitewater on Saturday and staying overnight in the dorms at UW- Whitewater, which are not air conditioned - so I think that a box fan might be a GREAT choice.  On Sunday - we get up and ride from Whitewater to Madison.  Knowing that the actual driving distance from Pewaukee to Whitewater is 36 miles and Whitewater to Madison is 44 miles . . . yet we will be taking the longgggggg route - which will be 75 miles both days.

I will be trying to take a few pictures and post an update on Saturday evening from Whitewater.

My other event this month happens on August 21 - two weeks after the MS 150 bike ride.  The Madison Mini-Marathon.  Since the MS 150 bike ride is this weekend - I won't be running at all (two weeks before my 1/2 marathon and I am not running !!!!!!)  I have actually had thoughts of bringing my running shoes and trying to get some kind of run in on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning . . . but then I snapped back into the real world and decided that would be just plain stupid (for me).  So no running this weekend.  I am trying to get some good solid runs in this week - today (6 miles) - tomorrow (8 miles) and Thursday (8 miles).

Plans are in place - More to come about the bike ride . . .


  1. You are going to do great...and riding is definitely solid cross-training for your half! Let's just say you're tapering :)

    Can't wait to read all about it!

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  3. Wow. That is quite an undertaking. Good luck. I hope it's a lot of fun for you.