Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Surgeries - Son & Husband

Surgery #1:  My 18 year old son had his 4 wisdom teeth extracted yesterday.  He was miserable yesterday - but is doing much much better today.  People usually say that the 2nd or 3rd days are the worst - I am hoping that  . . .  so far - so good is the way it will be.  We took a look in his mouth at where the teeth were and to the uneducated mother - it looks great.  There is nothing red - or even pink - the gum tissue looks exactly like the rest of his mouth - hoping this is a good thing.

Surgery #2:  My husband's back surgery was this morning.  We were at the hospital at 6:00.  Actually my son came along - he really wanted to be at the hospital with his dad.  ;-)   Todd was scheduled for the 1st surgery of the morning - at 8:00.  The surgeon came up to the waiting area around 9:45 and let us know that the surgery went well and that Todd had been in recovery for about 1/2 hour.  We went to his room and waited for him to arrive and then spent most of the day with him.  We got home around 3:00 and I am exhausted.  I made dinner - rice with chicken and marinara sauce - something my son loves.  We figured he could easily eat the rice with marinara without much chewing and would try some of the small chicken pieces.  As everyone who has tried to chew without using their molars - it is tough . . . pun intended.  ;-)  My husband will be spending the evening at the hospital.  We will go pick him up tomorrow morning.  Then hopefully a couple of weeks to recuperate - and then really hoping that his back is better.

I had planned on running 6 miles this afternoon - but just couldn't . . . I am listening to my body and it says NO WAY!   If I would have come by myself - I had thought about bringing my workout gear and getting a run in early in the morning - there would have been plenty of time - but since my son was with me - I didn't want to leave him sit in the hospital by himself.  Tomorrow morning I am planning on running 8 miles and then will probably do a short 3 on Thursday - taking Friday off and running the 13 miles for the Mini on Saturday.

Here is to healing and recovery.


  1. Glad the surgeries went well...hope the recovery goes just as smoothly. Do take good care of yourself and it's smart to listen when your body says NO WAY :)

  2. I just read your back story and good luck! Very inspirational.

  3. I hope that everyone is doign well. You certainly have a lot goign on right now -- wow!

    And, there are always other times to go for a run. You're a good momma/wifey! :-)