Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I am on VACATION - Yahoo!!!

I am on vacation - as Anne at Asthma and the Gift of Runninghere says:  Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

It feels wonderful - knowing that next week I can run in the morning and not have to rush to get ready for work.  Plus the weather is finally suppose to break - with much less humid conditions.  I can't wait.  I have a 12 mile run scheduled for tomorrow morning - the weather report calls for less humid conditions and lows around 65 tonight.  I have thought about waiting until Monday morning to run the long run - just to make sure that the humidity is gone.  I think I will play it by ear -

This coming week will not exactly be too relaxing - but it will be nice to run and bike during the day.  

On Monday, my youngest son Charlie will be getting his wisdom teeth taken out in the morning.  He has all 4 teeth - so his mouth will be sore and more than likely swollen.  :-(

Then on Tuesday morning, my husband will be having back surgery.  I haven't mentioned this earlier - but he has a bulging disk in his lower back that is causing a lot of pain and weakness in his left leg.  His back has bothered him before - but usually gets better, but he has been having issues with it since the middle of May.  Due to his back issues our summer has not been normal.  Usually we spend days and many evenings after work on our boat or jet ski's - but not this summer.  Hey, trying to look on the bright side - we have saved a lot of money because we aren't buying gas for two jet ski's and a boat and we are doing our part in lowering our carbon emissions (at least for this summer).  ;-)  He has been able to work for about 4 hours a day - but can't really sit in any chairs around the house.  So when he isn't working he is laying in bed.

Not to whine - but it has been a LONG summer. 
 I will admit - I was not built to be a caregiver.  It just isn't in my personality.  ;-)  

On Friday I am looking forward to packet pickup for the Madison Mini Marathon and then getting together with some fellow bloggers from the area that are running in the Mini.  Jamie, of Running Diva Mom, here is organizing the get together and knowing her . . . it will be wonderful.  

Saturday is the Madison Mini Marathon.  Yahoo!!!

Any prayers or positives vibes would be appreciated.  


  1. Sending both Charlie and your husband healing vibes. I hope both surgeries go smoothly and have quick recoveries. You are right that your vacation isn't going to be much of one!

  2. Good luck to you for the Madison Mini! I am sending you positive kick butt and run fast vibes:)

  3. I guess there are also a few Ohhhhhs...hope the surgeries go well and that that recovery is quick for both Charlie and your husband.

    Have a blast at the mini and how cool that you're going to a bloggy get together :)

  4. Hope your entire family gets well soon.
    Sending good vibes your way.