Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Sunday, August 8, 2010

MS 150 bike ride

It was an awesome two days.  Riding through sun, humidity, wind, more wind, rain, more rain and finishing in the sunshine.

On Saturday I started the day at 4:00 - up, grabbed a granola bar and coffee and headed to the Alliant energy center to hop on the bus and depart at 5:30 for Pewaukee (the start of the race).

Here are a couple of photo's of team mates at the start.

There are approximately 2000 bikers and volunteers - so it was crowded at the start.  They send out the riders in approximately 200 biker waves.  It was pretty intense for the first 10 -15 miles because there were so many bikers on the road.  We saw one accident - all it took, was for someone to be following a little too close and a slight shift and . . . . crash.  

Once we hit the first rest stop the bikers spread out - but there were always people near by - chatting and offering support.  The ride is fully supported - there are rest stops every ~15 miles with food and drink, medical support and bike repair people.  There are also SAG trucks covering the course - so if you do get a flat or have bike problems . . . or simply have reached your limit - you can wave them down and get a ride to the next rest stop.  The temperatures were pretty nice on Saturday - but it was windy - 15-17 miles per hour.  I was salty when I got done.  I left Pewaukee at 7:50 and got to Whitewater . . . 75 miles later right around 3:00.  Checked into the dorm - showered and then gathered at our tent . . . ate, drank some beer, played some cards and chatted.  Headed to bed at 9:00 - back up at 5:45.

Here are the girls - right after lunch.  
This morning we got up and packed up - ate breakfast and got on the road by 7:30.  It was raining / REALLY raining!!!! And although I thought it was windy on Saturday - after experiencing the wind today - Saturday was just a little breezy.  Today the wind was up to 29 miles per hour with wind gusts of 33!!!!.  Since the ride travels East to West - you are almost always biking with the wind in your face.  Oh and did I mention it was pouring.  .  .  .  POURING and BLOWING!!!!

We stopped for lunch at 11:30 and decided that we would do the shortened route.  We did a slightly shorter route - due to the weather they actually were discouraging people from the 75 mile course - instead we did 68.  Once we got back on the road after lunch and about 10 miles - the rain stopped and the sun started to come out.  Hallelujah!!!  We cruised into Madison at 1:30.

Two days - 143 miles - overall the ride raised $1,500,000 for MS research.  Amazing.  Our team raised over $20,000.  Being diagnosed with breast cancer 6 years ago - I realize that there are a lot of diseases - cancer isn't the only thing that changes your life when you hear those awful words - You have MS.  

I am planning on doing it next year.

Now on to the Mini marathon - August 21st - 13 days away.  I need to get two more long runs in.  But I think tomorrow is a rest day.



  1. What an amazing adventure, and for such a great cause! Congratulations - you definitely deserve a rest day tomorrow!

  2. Congratulations! I can ride in the rain but wind makes me feel miserable.
    Enjoy your rest day.

  3. Damn woman. 143 miles in two days!!! What a great ride for such a great cause. Now go put your feet up and have a twinkie. Or something.

  4. It was raining so hard on Sunday morning. I can't believe you were out there in it. Plus the wind! Congrats on the ride and the organization for raising so much money for a good cause. You definitely deserve a break before the last push for the Mini.

  5. I love the downtown area in Pewaukee. it's so cute. They have a nice lil 4th of July festival there.

    Great job! You conquered it. I can't beliee you guys got out there on Sunday. AWESOME JOB, LINDA! You are a rockstar, as always!

    Great job with the fundraising! WOW!!!

    See you at the Mini -- can't wait!