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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chilly Run with Jamie through the Arb

Jamie, of Running Diva Mom and I planned another run together yesterday.  We met at 11:00, which worked perfect for me, because Sophie and I had our last doggie training class in the morning.  I quickly left Sophie with my husband and drove to the Arb . . . stopping at my office for a pottie stop.   After I took a wrong turn - I got to the parking lot meet up right on time.

Jamie and I after our run! 

We met up at the UW Arboretum and did the 6.22 loop.  It was a chilly 12 degrees, which, even for us in Wisconsin, is chilly for this time of year.  The average high at this time of year is.  It was a chilly with a slight breeze that of course was in our face on the first part.  I opted for no hat and once we made it past the first mile, I was fine.  The first two miles were run through the Arb.  It is an extremely peaceful setting, we ran into a few other walkers and runners, but only a couple of cars.  After the Arb, the path takes you through the Zoo.  I had to slow us down and we walked for a little.  I just couldn't catch my breath.  Once we restarted, we ran through some slippery spots . . . slow and steady . . .  since we had about 1-2 inches of new snow on top of the ice . . .. slower and not so steady.  We both decided that we love our little zoo.  It has everything you need and best part is it is free.  I used to love taking my kids to the Zoo when they were younger.  We actually would go a lot during the winter.  Almost all of the animals are out, some, like the polar bears are a lot more active and all of the buildings are open . . . and there is a lot less people.  ;-)
After the zoo, there is a deceiving long hill, you think you see the top, but then realize that you have to wind back to the left.  (As a side note, this loop is used for quite a few local 10k runs and just about all other longer runs, wind through the Arb.)  Somewhere along this part of our run, a gentle snow started to fall.  We then followed the path back into the Arb and finished in 1:01:52.
Slower than I would have liked and definitely slower than Jamie would have normally run . . . but it was still a great run.  Isn't any run . . .  really a great run!  

1     9:26
2     9:17
3    10:36 (this is were we had to walk)
4    10:18
5    10:12
6    10:04
.22  9:03

This makes me realize that I need to work on my speed.  It is just too easy to get into that comfortable pace and not push yourself.  With the end of winter in our sights (fingers crossed) I will be able to start some speed work when the roads are clear.

Heading off to the last UW Men's basketball game this afternoon against Northwestern.  Go Bucky Go! 


  1. How fun! Wow it was cold there today!

  2. Great job on the run!! :0) Sounds like a chilly one!

  3. Run through the zoo sounds like a lot of fun but no in this cold.
    I got totally soft in CA.

  4. It is always fun to run with others. The arboretum sounds like a wonderful place to run!!

  5. i didn't know you two were close to each other, how fun!!! i just love having a great running buddy nearby

    ice is such a bugger, glad you avoided the major slippery areas

  6. it's always so enjoyable running with you, Linda!