Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heat wave

Well not exactly a heat wave - but last Thursday we woke up to negative 13 and today we had highs near 48 degrees.  It was beautiful out.  Snow was melting and birds were singing.  AND I ran 6.5 miles outside with Jamie, from Running Diva Mom and Kerrie, from Tutu Runner.  Jamie is running 1/2 marathon every month - and Kerrie and I ran 6.5 miles with her - Jamie then continued to finish the rest by herself!  Love these young ladies!

I was going to run the local Valentine's Day 5k yesterday - but on Thursday I got invited (2 tickets) to the UW Men's Basketball game against Ohio State.  This was THE game of the season.  Ohio State came into Madison with an undefeated record and NO. 1 ranking in the country.  It was an AWESOME basketball game - the UW was ahead until the last basket of the 1st half.  They then came out flat in the 2nd half and quickly found themselves down by 15 . . .  but then went on a run and came back, winning 71 - 67.   The crowd (including me) at the Kohl Center were sooooooo loud - you couldn't actually hear yourself screaming.  Great game - great day - great weekend!

Next weekend is the local Frosty 5 k run that allows dog's . . . so Sophie and I will be running together.

Have a great week - get out there and enjoy the mild temp's.



  1. Had a blast with you this morning! Thanks for joining me on half of my half marathon journey! It was so great to spend the time with you. And, thanks for the very thoughtful bracelet -- I love it, Linda!!!!!

  2. Can't wait for those mild temps to reach me :)

    Have fun running that 5K with Sophie.