Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Frosty 5 mile run!

As I mentioned in my last post, the WinterFest weekend event in Madison was cancelled due to the protests which were taking place around the Capitol.   Sophie and I had signed up for the 5k Frosty Dog Run and I was really looking forward to doing a run with her.  We got up this morning and decided to run our own Frosty 5 miler.

This was true Wisconsin Frosty run.  

              We started out running around the neighborhood with a very gentle drizzle.

   The drizzle switched over to sleet around mile 2.  I quickly discovered that the best way to run in sleet is with your head down.  Otherwise - Ouch!  The temperature was 28 when we left, so the sleet that continued to come down started to accumulate on the ground and it started to become slippery.  Somewhere around 4 1/2 miles the sleet stopped. 

 As we were heading back to the house it started to snow. . . . and then just as we were near the house it started to thunder.  Thunder Snow!  

We had a great run - 5.1 miles in 50 minutes.   The temp's were comfy and the change in weather kept it interesting.  Thanks to my son, who came out to capture a picture of us heading back down the street.  ;-)  

Then it was off to church.  The rest of the day was spent running a few errands, making a pot roast for dinner, relaxing and watching the UW Men's Basketball team beat Penn St.   ;-)

Enjoy the day!


  1. Oh my goodness WOW! Way to get your run in!! :0) I love that you were running with your puppy!! :0) Way to go on 5.1 miles in the freezing cold! That's awesome!

  2. Had a very similar run with my dog Brian today down in Racine...good to know I wasn't the only crazy Wisconsinite out today!!

  3. It looks beautiful! Way to go for sticking with it in that weather! -KT80 www.traininglikeagirl.blogspot.com

  4. Running in the snow is fun. Running in the sleet... I am not so sure.
    Thunder snow! Now that does not happen often. I love thunder!

  5. You get major credit from me for running in that weather. It was nasty!

  6. Nice run and I love the pictures. All I can say is BRRRR!!!! I'm such a sissy, I won't step outside and attempt such a thing in said conditions.

    Hey, I do have a side question for you....you konw my mom finished chemo treatment for BC mid January but she has been feeling pretty crappy since then. She has had pain in her upper right quadrant and has been nauseous on occasion. I think she has thrown up 3 times over the past 3 weeks and I don't think she threw up once during chemo. She is diabetic and her blood sugar has been a little low for her and she tested out as a little anemic in her ER visit last night. Other than that all of her scans/ultrasounds/blood work etc., etc. are great. Did you feel crappy after chemo finished? I want to say it is just the chemo effects but I'm a little concerned here. Thanks!

  7. Beg Tri Baby - I was going to email you a response, but didn't find your address on your blog site. Sorry about replying this way.

    During my first round of chemo I was quite nauseous, but during my second round when I was on Taxotere, I was not nauseous - but I certainly felt horrible. Even when you are done with chemo, the chemicals are still in your system. I think that it takes quite awhile for the chemo to exit your system. I am sure that your mum is having a harder time because she is also diabetic and I would guess that it is extremely hard to keep her blood sugar under control.

    I read your last post and had to laugh about you mentioning her memory. Chemo brain - really does exist. Although I don't think it stays with you - it was clear that my memory was missing a few "links" during and after chemo. In my opinion, it lasted for months and I still sometimes "claim" it as an excuse. You have to remember that your are basically poisoning your body.

    Continue to boost your mum's attitude - it is so important to keep a positive attitude. Although I am sure that she is glad to be done with chemo -I found that there was a certain fear that came with the completion of every step. For me, actively undergoing chemo meant that I was killing cancer cells and fighting, but when I was done, I couldn't help but think, now what? I felt the same way when I was done with radiation - now what.
    Fighting cancer is a long process! Hang in there!


  8. I love that he took a picture of you. He is proud of you! Both you and the dog are good sports. Great job getting out there!