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Friday, August 2, 2013

Sounds of a summer morning

It is beautiful this morning.  I love mornings and this one is just a little sweeter because I am taking a vacation day.  There were some brief early morning rain shower that came through around 5.  I don't think there is anything better than waking up to the sound of rain and simply going back to sleep!  

It is now a quiet morning in the neighborhood, well except for the recycle truck I can hear as it heads closer to our house!  (Added a few minutes later) And now comes the garbage truck - which is louder than the recycle truck from earlier!  

My bee balm has been blooming for quite a few weeks.  Actually it is approaching the end of its flower time - but the bees, big fat clumsy bumble bees LOVE these flowers.  

As I sit hear on the porch I can hear the buzzing of bees.  When I walk by there are more bees among the flowers than you can count. 

The hummingbirds also love to stop at the bee balm - but that is impossible for me to catch a picture.  But still I enjoy their frequent visits. 

My inside cat, Cleo loves to sit near the bird feeders and watch!  I can hear chickadees and a couple of cardinals in the tree.   If there are any squirrels in the tree they alert all the birds that there is a cat near by.  But without their warning the birds must be able to tell that she is not a threat, inside behind the screen.    

I made a wonderful breakfast this morning and am enjoying it, while typing and listening to he morning sounds.  Bacon, eggs with summer squash, scallion and tomatoe all from our CSA.  And cantaloupe, from our north side stand.  

And what sounds of summer would be complete without mentioning the cicadas buzzing in the trees!  

Every morning should start like this!  
Enjoy the day

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  1. Ahhh that sounds like a lovely morning! Especially when I am stuck here at work.

    Breakfast looks delicious! I am in love with all the fresh foods we get in our CSA. Enjoy your day off!