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Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Patience . . .

. . . while the house is under construction is difficult.

We are currently into week 3 of home remodeling. The crew started while I was on vacation and probably have 2 to 3 more weeks of work left. If you have never lived in your house while remodeling, trust me, it is worse than you can imagine. Over the years we have pretty much replaced everything in the house, which seems like an amazing fact, but is true. Somehow we dealt with it. The kitchen remodel was probably the worst - but this is probably a close second. We are replacing all of our interior doors, replacing the wood trim around the doors, replacing the window trim and installing true window sills and replacing the base trim. In addition, all the trim is getting painted and while we have the painter here, we are having the three bedrooms and master bath painted. Afterall, the new white trim needs freshly painted walls for it to pop!

Here are a couple of before and after shots!
New doors and trim w/ drab beige walls
New doors and trim - drab beige walls! (Photo bomb by Cleo)

New doors, new trim and new paint!
New doors, new trim
New doors, new trim and new paint


New base

On to running . . . which is hard to do in extremely cold conditions. Not only did we have the Polar vortex settle in over the state earlier in January, we were lucky enough to get a second blast of frigid air earlier this week. Highs for the day did not top zero and lows in the negative mid 20's before any windchill! I did get out for short walks with Sophie in the morning, but outside of a real 2 mile run on Saturday my exercise has been limited to moving furniture, cleaning floors and dusting surfaces! Forecasts are calling for 'normal' temps this weekend and early next week. I NEED to get outside for a run.

Recipe Update: since returning from vacation I have only had time to make one recipe. Between the house remodeling and working until 7 there has not been time to cook. Keeping with my goal of cooking all of Jenna's main course recipes from her blog, eat, live, run - I selected her Crook Pot Root Beer Pulled Chicken, Here. This was so good! I made it on Sunday and Todd finished it last night! I enjoyed mine on top of a sweet potato and it was yummy!

Enjoy the day

Enjoy the moments


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  1. The new trim, doors and paint look awesome! What a huge difference!

    Hopefully you all survive the next few weeks of construction (especially Cleo!)