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Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Steamboat day 1 . . .

. . was wonderful . . . like always.

Steamboat is probably my favorite place.

Saturday morning we flew out of Madison directly into Denver and then rented a car and drove to Steamboat. Traffic was slow for about 15 miles before the Eisenhower tunnel and the roads were snow covered over Rabbit Ears pass. But since we drive in snow all the time - the trip went fine. Once you get off the Interstate and head north to Steamboat - the route is through "high country", defined as 'An area of land formed or lying above the piedmont and below the timberline'. Here is a shot overlooking a lake area. It is very beautiful country. Ranchs, cattle, grazing land, streams,mountain peaks and the bluest sky you can imagine!

Once at the condo we unpacked and headed to the grocery store. This is our view from the condo. You can just see the mountain top sticking up over the roof line. Speaking of roof lines, check out that snow!!!!

We then decided to try night skiing, so we grabbed subs at Subway so that we had a quick meal. This is the first year Steamboat offers night skiing. They have lite 4 runs that is serviced by the Christy lift. Here is Joe and Chelsea at the base area.


We must have taken 10-12 trips down the trails. Mid-way through, they headed to the black (expert) runs, while I stayed on the blue (intermediate) run. Finished the night at the base with a water and a Fat Tire.

This morning, (Sunday) we already have 2 inches of fresh powder and are expecting 8 inches through out the day. Eating breakfast and getting ready is next, then heading to the mountain.

Enjoy the moments.


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