Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Steamboat day 2 . . .

. . . was as good as the first day!

We woke up to about 6 inches of fresh snow.


Skiers LOVE fresh powder. We were up and on the mountain by 8:30 and headed up the Gondola and then down Heavenly Daze. This run is on the face of the mountain, along the Gondola line and overlooks the base area and city. We have discovered that it is great first thing in the morning - but extremely tough for me later in the day. It is a long run and the mountain face is (in my opinion) extremely convex, so it appears steeper that it really is. Anyway, down we went. With it still snowing, there was probably 7–8 inches on the mountain and boy oh boy is it tough to carve through the snow. It took all of my leg strength. I really tried to think positive thoughts - easy corners, move ski's together, don't cut on your edges . . . eventually I was down. Down in the snow, not down the mountain!!! Nothing hurt, just took a tumble. We continued down the run and headed over to another area accessed by another lift.


What goes up, must come down, so down we went. After a couple more runs, I decided I needed a break and decided to do a few green (easy) runs. My legs and confidence needed a break. I felt much better on the greens given the deep snow conditions. I like the blue runs (Intermediate level), but today, I stuck with the green (easy level) since they had been cleared of much of the fresh snow, leaving 2-3 inches, which is much more manageable!

Hooked back up with everyone at lunch. Here I am with Charlie before heading down. Then back out for a few more runs!

Dinner was at a local Mexican resturant - then back to the condo to relax and watch RonBurgundy. No matter how many times - it is always funny.

Enjoy the moments!


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