Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crazy Legs run / walk and Bloggie meet up

Today was the CrazyLegs Classic - an 8K run or 2 miles walk from the State Capital to Camp Randall - with the funds collected supporting UW athletics. 20,450 people were registered - so it is a pretty big race for Madison WI. It was suppose to rain - and I think everyone must have did a great job of praying because the rain stayed away. It rained earlier in the morning and we are suppose to get more ran in the later afternoon. The race weather was actually really good for running. Mid 50's and no rain.

Because of my stress fracture in my foot I did not run. I did do the 2 mile walk with my son's girlfriend - so at least we got to partcipate. Foot was a little sore towards the end of the walk b it is definitely starting to feel better.

Somehow, even with all these people - I saw two people from work - MaryAnne and CJ and two people from my neighborhood, Greg and his daughter Lauren. Shout out to my friend from work, MaryAnne - she cut almost 5 minutes off of her time from last year. Maybe I will be able to do that next year. Hey I have to have goals.

It was my opportunity to meet up with Jame at Running Diva Mom (she needs to be called Running Speedy Diva Mom - because she had an awesome race and Chelsea at EarlyRunner - another speedy racer. We planned to meet up near section "R" - - - Jamie picked "R" for running. . . . easy to remember. Love it. It was great to meet these young women. So vibrant and fun. I realize that I could be either of their mum's . . . and let me just say that I would be proud.

My son and girlfriend were there and also got to meet Jamie and Chelsea. Both of my sons make fun of me for blogging. They think it is . . . in one word . . . weird. They also think it is weird that I have a facebook account. Oh well. On the way back to the car, my son made the comment - that Jamie and Chelsea were obvioulsy a lot younger than me. Duh!!! He went on to say that he guessed that generally older people don't blog. OK - he is my son and I am very old to him. No matter what your parents age, as a child or young adult, you think of your parents as old . . . admit it. But hey - I find the blogging world very interesting - - - people of different ages and backgrounds can come together because of a common interest . . . in this case running.

Here is a picture of me, Jamie, Chelsea on the field at Camp Randall. Next photo is my son and his girlfriend. My son finished in 31:59.


  1. Ooohh, you are so sweet Linda! It was so great to finally meet you. I do feel really bad that you couldn't walk. And, BTW -- you are so incredibly adorable in person. I could never see just what you looked like with sunglasses on. And your beautiful personality matches the outside, too! Looking forward to a lot more meetups, runs, lunch, biking, whatever! Just let me know what works for your schedule and your footie problems.

  2. How great that you were able to meet with Jamie and Chelsea!
    Please tell your son that lots of us bloggers are what he would probably consider "old"...but, we're also Cool! :)
    Hope your foot is healing well.

    Haha! Must tell you that my word verification is: "cardme" (speaking of old)!

  3. You are such a trooper for doing 2miles with stress fracture. I am sure next year you will be running this thing.

  4. You'll be running next year for sure. It was nice meeting you, too. Thanks again for bringing a camera for pictures.

  5. Hi,
    I stopped in through another blog I follow. Your blog caught my eye because I'm also a runner with a stress fracture at the moment.
    I'm glad you were able to do the 2 mile walk! That's great.

  6. I'm so glad you were able to participate and meet up with a few bloggy friends. I know it's a bummer to not be able to run... next year, though!

    I LOL'd about your son's take on blogging and age. Yes, I find most bloggers are much younger than me, too, but I'm okay being the "mom" in the group. :) I suspect lots of folks who've never been on blogs, find it weird. Even the word: b-l-o-g.

    Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

    HUGS from Orlando!

  7. So glad you were able to take part in the event! Congrats to your son.

    I am jealous of the meetups. One of these days I am going to get a meetup worked out over there on the east coast!

    Have a great weekend.