Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Friday, April 16, 2010

The results are in

I called the Dr.'s office this morning - they called me back with the scan results - stress fracture of the 2nd metatarsal. I have an Appointment with the Orthopedic Dr on Monday - until then no running or jogging and wear shoes with solid bottoms.

Bummed - I was really hoping it was something else.

Good luck to everyone running in Boston on Monday

And for anyone running this weekend - run a mile for me.

Take Care


  1. Awww...darn it. I was really hoping that wouldn't be the case. You know I feel your pain. I don't have much advice except to rest up, start swimming and keep your focus on long term running goals b/c you will be back out there before you know it.

  2. Ugh...I was so hoping for different news. I agree with the above comment...rest up, swim or cross-train where you can and soon, you'll be back out there! Hugs ((()))

  3. I am so sorry to hear about that!!! I will bike a mile for you since I can't run right now either :(

  4. I will find out on Monday exactly how long I will be off from running and what other activities I can still do. I am hoping I will be able to bike soon. I would have to join a fitness center to swim - not exactly where I want to be now that the weather is getting nicer- but I might look into it because I know the exercise will be good for me.

    Thanks for the sympathetic thoughts.

    Beth - I so connect with you, since you have been there - done that.

  5. Oh no! That's so so so frustrating. At least you are catching it now so it doesn't get worse and take more recovery time. :(. Hopefully you can at least get outside for awhile this weekend to enjoy the weather.

  6. I was praying for different results. I am so sorry.

  7. ((((hugs)))) I know it is beyond frustrating, but the up side is you will be so thankful when you can run again you won't ever complain about those long runs, seriously I've been there!

    I hear a stress fracture can be easy to come back with if you do it right and you are smarter than most of us about your body, so you'll be a rockstar