Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Recovery Starts

I went to the Orthopedic doctor this morning. The stress fracture is in my 2nd metatarsal bone. I have a little solid soled bootie to wear. The idea is to keep my foot from bending when I walk. I am not under orders to wear the boot - but I need to be careful walking - so I am going to wear it for a week and then make a decision about going back to my shoes - or continue with the boot. He suggested that I need to stay away from running for 4-6 weeks. To be honest he was more concerned about my high arches in my feet. He wanted to make sure that I wore good shoes . . . check and that I replace them frequently . . . check. The bone scan also showed that I previously had a stress fracture of my 4th metatarsal - the Dr. estimated that it probably took place 1-2 years ago. I must have run through it - I don't recall it hurting . . . certainly not enough to go to the doctor.

Anyway - the good news is that I get to ride my bike. I was going to try it out tonight when I got home - but didn't get home very early from work so will try it tomorrow after work.

Stay healthy out there . . . and listen to your body.


  1. I don't want to listen to my body. I want my body to listen to me. :)

    At least you have your diagnosis and know what to do. That is good. Not running - bad. Biking - quite good. I've been doing more of that lately but cannot get my heart rate high enough.

  2. 4-6 weeks sounds like a long time...but, thank goodness with the nice weather, you'll be able to enjoy biking and the time will fly by. I hope :)

  3. Hey -- thanks for emailing me and updating me on your situation. I'll have to think of a plan for Saturday.
    So bummed to hear that you have to be out of runnign for that long. At least you can get out on your bike though!? I'm always up for a reason to ride my Trek, if you'd like to ... I'm s-l-o-w as heck though!!! :-) Stay well sista.

  4. It looks like we are riding our bikes together now :) Have a great day!

  5. Oh, friend... I'm feeling you! After just coming out of the boot x 2wks and knowing how stiff it keeps your foot, my advice: wear it as much and as long as you can stand it. (I hated mine and tossed it asap.)

    Sending you healthy vibes (and hugs!) from Orlando!!

    robin/turtle runner