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Monday, April 12, 2010

Waiting for X-Rays

Ok - as I mentioned in my last post - my foot started hurting last week. I didn't run on Friday or Saturday, figured if it hurt - I should rest it. I ran 5 miles on Sunday - although my foot hurt - it was doable. But once I stopped, I hobbled around for the rest of the day - it hurt. I put ice on it and took ibuprofen a couple times - woke up today still hobbling - and it still hurts.

Soooooo, I called for an appointment - Orthopedics could get me in next week, but I called my primary and was able to see her. I just got back from the Dr. - I had an X-ray and then came back to work and am waiting to hear the results. I am so hoping that Dr. Goggle and all of her Internet wisdom is WRONG. My suspicion is that it is a stress fracture of either the second or third metatarsal. But then again it might be a tendon pull or stretch, or what ever you might do to a tendon. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I will report back with the results.

I am feeling old. ;-(


  1. OH my fingers are crossed for a good outcome. I'm sure you know this, but most stress fractures don't show up on xrays, you need an MRI. So if it comes back negative and still hurts, I would push for the MRI. When I had my stress fracture back in September, the xray was fine, but the MRI showed major damage. Hoping for the best...

  2. I am praying your research is WRONG!!!! Keep your chin up while you wait!!!!

  3. Oh dear...I do hope it's nothing...fingers and toes all crossed over here :)

  4. The Dr's Office was suppose to call me at work - but they called at home a little after 5:00 and left a message to call them back but of course I didn't get home until 8:30 . . . so I will call them first thing tomorrow.

  5. oh no oh no oh no!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck. Keep me posted, ok?