Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Autumn Leaves and Haunted Hustle Half Marathon!

Autumn in Wisconsin . . . The leaves are changing and dropping like flies.  After Monday mornings 4 mile run with my partner Sophie I was sitting out on the front porch brushing her and trimming her nails - it is our Monday morning ritual - it sounded like it was raining . . . the tick tick tick of leaves dropping to the ground.  This last week we have seen the trees brighten to an almost glowing state.  My living room windows over look this tree and last week the room glowed.

Now - a mere one week later - the tree is almost bare.  On Sunday we racked and blew and racked but will need to do it again.  Even though the weather has been beautiful - winter is just around the corner.

Here is a picture of one of trees in our front yard.
White Ash
Oct 7 - yellow / purplish - glowing in the sunlight

Oct 10 - dropping on the lawn

Oct 14 - one week later the leaves are all on the ground!

The leaves are pretty much raked - there are still a couple of piles in the yard that need to be moved to the tree court.  We even rake the leaves back from the street -  we are very conscience of letting things (including leaves) travel through the storm sewers since that simply flows into our lakes!  

Running Update - afterall - this is a running blog!!!!!                      Reading about all of you fellow bloggers running marathons this fall got me wanting to run another half marathon this fall.  I was on a waiting list for a half marathon - the Haunted Hustle on October 30.  I just got the news last week that I was accepted.  Yea!!!!  Two weeks to get ready - YIKES !!!!    I have continued to do at least one long run on the weekend - anywhere from 7 - 10 miles . . .  but this weekend I am going to commit to running 11 + miles.  It might not seem that much further - but for me it will be a challenge.  

This morning I ran 2 miles with Sophie and then ran home from work, which is 6 1/2 miles.  So 8 1/2 miles for the day at a 9:40 pace - that distance doesn't usually happen during the week, usually I just don't want to get up that early in the morning and I hardly ever will run after getting home.  So running home after work was a good way of getting an extra 6 1/2 miles in.  It was a beautiful run home - temp was around 60 - perfect running conditions.  

Tomorrow will be a rest day - I'll take the dog for a walk in the morning - but no running.  

This weekend is the UW Badgers vs Ohio State football game and we have 50 yard-line tickets!  So hoping the Badgers can pull out a win.  It is a 6 PM game and I am so looking forward to it.  

Go Bucky!    

Peace - enjoy the day!


  1. First, I'm glad you found the Blog Action Day announcement, and that you're participating. I look forward to reading your post. I JUST finished writing mine: 2 hours laters. Yikes!

    Next, Wow...the trees! They (were) so beautiful, but already bare. That was super quick. I love fall. Thanks so much for sharing photos. We didn't get to travel this year (usually do each Oct), so I'm living vicariously through bloggy photos.

    And a HM coming up? SO lucky! So excited for you. :-) Wish I could find an awesome Halloween run next year - in the cool, cool weather. I hope you have a BLAST. Glad to hear you got in.

    Enjoy your long(er) run this weekend and have fun at the game.

    *hugs* from Orlando!

  2. What a beautiful tree. Talk about a good workout from raking the leaves.
    Really cool name for a marathon.
    Good idea getting the miles in. Can't believe Halloween is in two weeks already. What happened to September?

  3. What a difference! We still have all our leaves here in CO...not enough wind and rain to knock them off yet.

    Your race sounds like a blast. You should dress up.

    My word verification is: phast. That must mean something about your race.

  4. Hey - I am running that race too - my first marathon. I did my 20 miler on the course last week and it's pretty damn hilly. I am also heading to the game tomorrow - my only one of the season so I'll definitely be doing my long run tomorrow morning! Good luck on your 1/2 - my husband is DJ'ing the race so be sure to stop by and say hi!

  5. Sarah - thanks for the heads up that the course is hilly - I switched up my long run yesterday so that I could run through Maple Bluff and get some hills in. ;-)

  6. Nice leaves! I'll be at mile 3/23 for the full. Not sure how that overlaps the 1/2 course.... so excited about dressing up! It's been years! Good luck out there. Should be great running weather!