Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekly recap

Although it was a very busy work week I still got my runs in and feel great about that. 

Here is my week in review.  Since the temperatures are changing - I am going to start recording the 7AM temp's and tracking them along with my weekly running mileage.

Sun:  7.5 mile run - avg pace: 9:54 - temp 43
Mon:  2 mile walk - temp 36
Tues:  2 mile run - temp 44
Wed: 6 mile run - biked to work - 1.5 hr yoga class - temp 49
Thur: 2 mile walk - temp 54
Fri:  2 mile run  - temp 42
Sat:  10 mile run - no garmin - temp 41

Miles RUN - 27.5  Only 273 away from 1,000

The cooler temp's have been a welcome change from the heat and humidity of summer but there is a fine line between cooler and COLD!  This morning as I write this post the temp is 34.  In January, 34 would be considered pretty  nice - but on Oct 3rd - 34 is cold.  These first cooler/cold mornings are hard to figure out what to wear.  Once winter gets here it is easy . . . but until my body gets adjusted to the cooler temps - it is sooo easy to over dress . . . and there is nothing worse than being too warm after a couple miles.

I bought a new pair of running pants and gloves this week at REI.  I also bought a head light.  I have always been an early morning runner and have simply run in the dark.  But as I get a little older - I like to see the pavement . . . so I am going to be trying it out this week.  I will let you all know how I like it.

I am sending out positive thoughts to area runners participating in the Twin Cities and Milwaukee Lakefront Marathons.  Julie from Julie's Running Blog, here and a co-worker Mary Anne are running the Twin Cities.  And a big shout out to Jamie from Running Diva Mom, here and Chelsea from Early Runner, here who are both running the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon.  All 4 of these women were probably questioning their running outfits this morning due to the cool temperatures.  Good Luck!

Getting ready to head to church.
Hope you all have a great Sunday - enjoy the Fall temp's and changing leaves.


  1. great week. Keep it up. 1000 is getting closer

  2. You are doing great...so close to 1000...impressive! It's pretty chilly here too these days.

  3. Brrrr! Yes, that would be cold for this early in the season, I imagine. Those cold temps gave us very pleasant ones here in Orlando: low 70s for a morning run and perfect conditions for the inaugural Disney Wine and Dine Half. Reports were very positive. Nice!

    You're getting so close to your 1000... fantastic!

    Stay warm and have a great week!

    *hugs* from Orlando

  4. After our heatwave I am looking forward to cooler temperatures though 32 would not be pleasant.
    I am an REI addict. I can never leave that store without buying something.

  5. I definitely went back and forth about what to wear yesterday. I ended up running in a skirt, t-shirt and mittens, and it was the right decision by the end, but it was pretty chilly waiting for the start.

  6. nice week! i'm thrilled the temps are getting cooler, i can bring back the lunch time runs now!

  7. That was a great week! Nice one! More power to you and God Bless! Happy running!

  8. Way to keep on trekking toward your 1000 miles goal! You will hit it and you should celebrate when you do.

    thanks for stopping by my blog and sending some GL my way.