Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Not my type of day!

I don't like days like today.

I was looking forward to a 40 mile bike ride.  We had planned to bike to Monroe and visit the Minhas Distillery - but waking to cool temps, clouds and dreary drizzling put a damper on those plans.  I left it up to others to decide if they wanted to continue with the plans or reschedule.  If it were up to me - I would have ridden, but know that others are not as eager to ride in the rain, or potential rain.  It was decided to postpone and reschedule.  We probably would have gotten wet - but the rain didn't last that long and the rest of the day has been dry.  While the sun didn't come out - there was NO breeze and with the cooler temps it would have been a very nice bike ride.

Making the best of the morning - I started the day off with getting strawberries, raspberries and cherries washed and air dried.  I plan to have fruit for breakfast every morning this week.

I then enjoyed some of the fruits of my labor for breakfast on the porch.  My coffee didn't stand a chance to stay warm this morning.  

I looked at the Steamboat brochure as I was eating.  Never too early to start planning our annual ski vacation.

My oldest son them came over and together we cleared out most of his left-over "stuff" from his old bedroom.  It is nice to have that stuff accumulating in his house instead of our house!  

We then ran some errands - heading to Gander Mountain for white fuel for camping and Best Buy to drop off old computer equipment.  While I was at BB - we stopped at the camera counter.  I have been wanting a nice camera - I realize how lacking my iPhone camera is - but don't know what to buy.  The salesperson was very nice and seemed quite knowledgeable . . . but I still don't know what I want!  Point and click's are so small and easy to carry, but I like the flexibility of a compact DSLR.

I ended the day doing some yard work, including trimming some plants, removing daylily stalks and the never ending task of pulling weeds.  

My goals for the week - 
  1. eat fruit every morning and enjoy eating it ourside along with my cup of coffee
  2. research a couple of different camera's and then check them out in a store
  3. bike to work 3 days this week
  4. take the boat out after work
  5. start a training program for my 1/2 marathon scheduled at the beginning of November
Update @ 9:45 youngest son just called to say he is on his way home.  He was camping this weekend and doesn't feel good. 

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