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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summers return

Summer has returned to Wisconsin. 

Last week I wore gloves when I biked to work because the temp was 46 degrees.  This morning it was 64 and humid. As I am typing this at 9:30 it is 77 - last week there were several days the high for the day never reached 77!    

My training called for 3 miles this morning.  I ran 2 with Sophie and then 1 more without her. She got spooked by a garden sprinkler - as we were running by a house the owner turned on the hose and the sputtering sound as air is going through the hose scared her. She bolted! I quickly let go of her leash - because there was no way of keeping up with her. I calmed her down - but as soon as we turned onto our street she was headed home. I had planned to loop around, but she knows that when we turn that corner we always go home - she did not want to loop around a side street and I didn't want to fight or try and persuade her - so we ran home - dropped her off and I finished up the 3 miles.

Resident sandhill cranes at the park.  

Then coffee on the patio! I had finished the run before the sun came up - but tried to capture a shot while enjoying my coffee!  
And off to the kitchen to make my lunch salad.  I also had my standard "go to" breakfast of a sandwich thin, peanut butter on one side, Nutella on the other with 3 sliced dates!  It is so good.  I sometimes substitute sliced strawberries for the dates and that is especially yummy!  

I love the color of the purple carrots that I included in my salad. They came with last weeks CSA delivery - but don't quite understand why someone decided to make purple carrots!  Ey are pretty to look at!  
Another day of work - lots of issues - lots of stress! 
Lovely bike ride home eliminated some of the daily stress.  

As soon as I got home we hoped in the car and tried out a new restaurant on the north side - Habanero's. I had 3 taco's and guacamole and chips. Todd had a burrito.  All was delicious!  We will be back. The restaurant previously had been a local pizza place, Rocky Rococca's - but went out of business last winter. 

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  1. Summer is back here too. Not so thrilled - I enjoyed the cooler weather in Wisconsin and here when we got home.