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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


One of my favorite blogs is Althouse. I first mentioned her blog here. I went "gaga" when I saw her and introduced myself to her on the bike path. She blogs about the law, politics, current events - and posts many times per day and always has extremely interesting posts. She has millions of views!

I first read about the fox on her blog here. She saw a blue fox on the Capital City bike path. The following week Todd and I biked Cap City and we too saw the "blue fox".

A couple of weeks later, while walking with Rachel, of Running in Real Life and Kim of ilaxStudio to the start of the Movin Shoes Full Moon run - I noticed another fox on the Wingra bike path. Next time I biked on the Wingra path I stopped and took this picture - a brown fox.

I then wondered were there other foxes? Who did this? Why a fox? With every bike ride - I kept my eyes open and watched - but never did see any other foxes! I tried googling foxes, graffiti, you vandal, etc, but found nothing. On Monday I biked to a midday meeting and used the Wingra path and sure enough the brown fox was there - But tonight it was gone. It had been painted over with drab grey paint - institutional grey! When I got home, I immediately emailed Althouse and let her know that the brown fox was gone - she responded and mentioned that she had seen the blue fox yesterday.

I assume that the "city" painted over it - graffiti, albeit beautiful, artful graffiti, is still graffiti. I feel a bit sad that the brown fox is gone. I am going to try and bike out to the cap city path tomorrow, maybe at lunch time, to see the blue fox and take my own photo.

Enjoy the moments and foxes!

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  1. I remember you showing us the fox! I am so intrigued now. It's done so nicely too, someone put some effort into it!

  2. Awesome that you got a pic of the fox before they painted over him. I wonder if he will reappear ;) It is very pretty!